Welcome to GNS Interclub Series of Lake St-Louis

Beaconsfield Yacht Club, Pointe-Claire Yacht Club and Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club
Lake St-Louis, Montreal (Quebec), Canada

Racing registration

All racers who wish to participate in the GNS series must register for scoring. Also, the organizing committee needs your contact for communication purpose.

Reminder for Division 1 from the Race Committee

Notice of Race, 4.2. …”A change of Division within a Series is not permitted”.
Notice of Race, 4.5. “White Sail eligible boats must have a white flag affixed to their backstay.”
Notice of Race 4.6. “a boat shall decide to sail an entire series under either a White Sail handicap or a Spinnaker handicap. Changing handicap within a series is not allowed.”
Beaconsfield Yacht Club
Yacht Club Pointe-Claire
Yacht Club Royal St-Laurent