Whether you are a beginner, an experienced racer, or a seasoned tactician, join us for weekly racing in the GNS on Lac St-Louis. One to two races a week during summer and fall allows us to maintain good neighborly relations!

Beaconsfield Yacht Club,
Pointe-Claire Yacht Club and Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club

Official Board

2021-07-29BYC Annual Regatta Sailing Instructions
2021-07-29PCYC Annual Regatta Sailing Instructions
2021-07-29 @12:24SailWeek Sailing Instructions
2021-07-26 @12:42GNS-Series 3 and 4 Sailing Instructions
2021-07-20 @16:00SailWeek Notice of Race
2021-07-05 @9:47SI Amendment #2 GNS-Series 1 and 2
2021-06-29SI Amendment #1 GNS-Series 1 and 2
2021-06-29GNS-Series 1 and 2 Sailing Instructions
2021-06-02Hearing Request Form


Boats only need to register once for GNS, not every year, but if boat ownership changes the new owner should update their registration.

The SLVYRA volunteer scoring team will endeavor to post the provisional results from each race in a timely manner. Our thanks in advance to the Race Committee from each Club for their co-operation in making this happen.


SailWeek cumulative results
BYC Annual Race 1GNS-S3-R2PCYC Annual Race 1
BYC Annual Race 2GNS-WednesdayPCYC Annual Race 2
BYC Annual Race 3 GNS-S4-R2PCYC Annual Race 3
GNS results
Series 3 SummarySeries 4 Summary
Series 3 Race 1 July 27thSeries 4 Race 1 July 29th
Series 3 Race 2 August 3thSeries 4 Race 2 August 5th
Series 3 Race 3 August 10thSeries 4 Race 3 August 12th
Series 3 Race 4 August 17thSeries 4 Race 4 August 19th
Series 3 Race 5 August 24thSeries 4 Race 5 August 26th
Series 1 SummarySeries 2 Summary
Series 1 Race 1 June 29thSeries 2 Race 1 July 1st
Series 1 Race 2 July 6thSeries 2 Race 2 July 8th
Series 1 Race 3 July 13thSeries 2 Race 3 July 15th
Series 1 Race 4 July 20thSeries 2 Race 4 July 22th

Hearing Schedule

The following are called to a Hearing in the Protest Room. Competitors should report to the Jury (info@regatesMTL.com). TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE ONLY. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF COMPETITORS TO ENSURE THEIR WITNESSES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

Beaconsfield Yacht Club
Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club