Welcome to GNS Interclub Series of Lake St-Louis

Beaconsfield Yacht Club, Pointe-Claire Yacht Club and Royal St-Lawrence Yacht Club
Lake St-Louis, Montreal (Quebec), Canada

Racing registration

All racers who wish to participate in the GNS series must register for scoring. The organizing committee needs your contact for communication purpose. Also, a SLVYRA handicap is required to race.

Reminder for Division 1 from the Race Committee

Notice of Race, 4.2. …”A change of Division within a Series is not permitted”.
Notice of Race, 4.5. “White Sail eligible boats must have a white flag affixed to their backstay.”
Notice of Race 4.6. “a boat shall decide to sail an entire series under either a White Sail handicap or a Spinnaker handicap. Changing handicap within a series is not allowed.”
Beaconsfield Yacht Club
Yacht Club Pointe-Claire
Yacht Club Royal St-Laurent